​​​​​FMK Models ,Specialists for over 30 years in design and manufacture of the highest quality model aircraft kits!
FlutterBug 049 400 electric small trainer for cox 049 or brushless electric speed 400 by FMK laser cut balsa kit Buzz Bipe 010 Cox RC model plane mini bipe for Cox 010 and micro radio by Miniature Aircraft Factory FMK Models balsa model kits Wizzbit RC model plane for Cox 049 engines easy to build rc model kits UK Liverpool FMK Models BuzzBat Cox power flying wing for radio control RC fully laser cut by FMK Miniature aircraft factory Liverpool UK Bulgaria E-machine , electric RC or slope glider, for brushless electric or 600 size brushed motors such as Graupner speed 600 fully laser cut balsa kit from Miniature aircraft factory FMK Models UK  cox 010 power mini rc model , a  laseer cut balsa model kit by FMK Liverpool , manufactured in Bulgaria by Miniature aircraft factory Aerobic 020 designed by Peter Miller for Cox 020 ,laser cut RC model kit by Miniature aircraft factory LIverpool FMK Models UK


FMK models are specialists in the design and manufacture of quality model kits for radio control, freeflight and control line., innovators in micro RC models for over 25 years, our range of micro RC models have been available since 1988, all our kits are available for direct retail sale from this site  , or to the trade for resale or distribution contact us by email for details of trade prices.
All of our models are designed to fly on either small glow or diesel engines such as Cox 010, 020 or 049 or brushless electric motors, even our larger models for .40 size can be flown on electric power.

FMK models laser cut radio control RC and FF kit specialists

FMK Models , `The Miniature Aircraft Factory`

Precision laser cutters at FMK Model kits Laser cut balsa odel kit parts at FMK models Balsa model kit for the dipstick 049 for cox engines from FMK, fully laser cut Rainbow 010 for the Cox TD 010 and mini RC fully laser cut kit by fmk miniature aircraft factory Liverpool MAF

A Laser cutter at FMK Sample rc model kit parts from some FMK balsa model aircraft kits and a rainbow 010 wing built from a FMK / Miniature Aircraft Factory kit

What is in a FMK Models laser cut model kit......

Aerobic kit box Aerobic 020 parts

All kits contain ALL the wooden parts ( and vac forms if necessary ), all Laser cut balsa, plywood, spruce etc, all strip wood, sheet wood precut parts, no additional wood is needed, plans, instructions etc, kits also contain some parts such as laser cut control horns., Some kits contain linkage hardware and undercarriage if listed ( snakes , control rods ) some kits have these items are supplied at present, No covering materials are supplied but reccomendations are given ( unless listed ), radio control or engines etc are not supplied. Most kits also contain some decals ( check description ).

FMK Models Rainbow Bipe laser cut kit ( parts photo )( Miniature Aircraft Factory ) KIt for Cox 049 or brushless electricFMK Models Rainbow Bipe ( Miniature Aircraft Factory ) KIt for Cox 049 or brushless electric

HLG Glider chuck glider kit parts from FMK models.com all laser cut by The Miniature Aircraft Factory FMK LIverpool UK BulgariaDipstick 049 laser cut balsa ply traditional style Model aeroplane kit for Cox 049 or brushless electric small diesel engines

Over the years we have had many reviews in the major modelling magazines , kits now are all laser cut with many having redrawn cad plans some have original accuracy checked `re-mastered plans`, however flying and general main construction are the same ( apart from the now supreme quality of part fit and lighter weight of model.

( if you know of a review we have missed, or the dates of any reviews i have missing, can you email us with the details! , i know we have many more than listed below!, )

I also know of some strange products marketed by `The Miniature Aircraft Factory` in the early 1990s....Obviously no longer sold!, 1) .Left and right handed sandpaper ( it always struck me you could turn it over to be the other...., it must have been a joke!  and 2)  Was a piece of plywood with holes cut in it, as a model lightening template ( to use to cut the holes in your model with! )

Dates and details of reviews of our companies products ( FMK Models and The Miniature Aircraft Factory )

  • Rainbow .049 /.8cc sports model , November 1991 Aeromodeler magazine , review by Jim Woodside of the model flying freeflight kit was supplied for freeflight or radio control.
  • Ripster , radiomodeler magazine review , sports model for .10ci engines, Review September 1995 Radiomodeler magazine 
  • Flutterbug electric glider in Silent flight magazine 1997 Feb / March issue
  • Flutterbug review on electric page 14 of the July 1999 L.M.F.C Newsletter `notes the very good flying characteristics`  ( http://lmfc.freehostia.com/newsletters/lmfc56.pdf )
  • FMK Flutterbug rview by Stewart Marsdon in Aeromodeler issue October 1998 'FLUTTERBUG' - Getting started in r/c assist? Stuart Marsden recommends this traditionally built 'quickie' from FMK 
  • FMK Flutterbug review 2012 / 2013 20 years on rc electric flyer December 2012 and January 2013 " A Resounding Success", "It's advertised as a trainer, both for flying and for building and that is exactly what it is - exactly right for the job." " Very complete and well cut components ","very easy to build" , " simple to fly and very stable "
  • Aerobic 020  by Trevor Hewson in around 2001, back in the days when mini radio was heavy the model was about 7 oz ready to go , reviewed these days it would be half the weight so much better for indoor electric http://www.bartonhewsons.uk/home/modelflying/indoor/reviewc.htm
  • Damselfly .010 , reviewed by Ken Swailes and David Boddington in Aviation-modeler issue  May 1996
  • The Stunt Machine Review in ????
  • The Mini Flying Machine Review in in April 1991 Radio Modeller by Derek Woodward
  • The E-Cub semi scale piper cub 33 inch span for 540 electric motors, Review in Modeller's world by Traplet Publications issue 8 An introduction to R/C Model Electric Flight`editor Stephen Mettam and reviewed by Mike Donkin 
  • The `Half Cut ( for cox 049 )  and `The Microwave`( for cox 020)  reviewed by Dave Ridgeway ( not sure of mag or date till I look it up!) Kits at the time supplied by Aeromodelmart we took over production in about 1994 ( again need to check it up! )
  • The Webbit , reviewed by Nigel Hawes , manufactured and supplied at the time by The Miniature Aircraft Factory however we did not buy this design when we purchased The Miniature Aircraft Factory and all the other designs however we do make a smaller one the Mini version the 1/2A Webbitt
  • The E-Machine Review 50 or 58 inch span , Review in Modeller's world by Traplet Publications issue 8 An introduction to R/C Model Electric Flight`editor Stephen Mettam and reviewed by Mike Proctor