FMK are specialist model kit manufacturers ,   in the model manufacture business for nearly 30 years, specialists in CNC kit production. laser cut model kit manufacturing and plastic moulding , Until 2004 most kits manufactured are traditional construction  in balsa and ply with some kits also containing more modern construction such as foam wings depron and grp/carbon , vac form and injection mouldings we have produced this way for model aeroplane kits for over 25 years,
After many years running from Aughton Lancashire,( FMK models founded in Aughton Lancashire ) and then moved to Merseyside ( Miniature aircraft factory was founded in Gateacre Merseyside ) both companies moved to Runcorn in Cheshire and production has again moved out of the UK to Bulgaria, however Mail order supplies to the UK are through our original company based in the UK but posted from Bulgaria.

Company History , for recent about us info scroll down page.

FMK models ( incorporating The Miniature Aircraft Factory ( MAF kits ) ) are a specialist kit manufacturer originally based in the UK , Office is still UK based but manufacturing is now based in mainland Europe in the rose valley in Bulgaria.

FMK Purchased the Miniature Aircraft Factory in 1997
FMK Models was established in Aughton Lancashire, UK in 1988 our first kit was a model hot air balloon `the duration balloon` in 1988 , followed in 1990 by the Flyangle delta wing slope soarer , 1991 the Dipstick 049 / speed 400, 1992 the Ripster , in 1991 we relocated to Liverpool, 1992 the `chuckit`  hlg, the `Striker` and `stinger` control line models,1992 the `Futterbug` electric or .049 glider,  1993 The Screwball profile funfly ,1995 the Ripster Racer ( made using our (then new) step four cnc cutter ) by 1996 we had over 40 model kits in production under the FMK kits brand mainly for small motors or electric

In 1997 we took over the Miniature Aircraft Factory ( from Gateacre Liverpool ) ( trading from the late 1980s ) from Peter Kent when he decided to retire from kit manufacture, the miniature aircraft factory had many top selling designs for rc and freeflight models such as the ` Mini flying machine` , the Webbitt, the Searching 400, the Rainbow bipe the Von Blimp and an amazin F15 powered by the MDS 15 tuned pipe low engine etc , the purchase of the company from Peter added many new designs to our range,  so many we could not produce enough! we just did not have the capacity to make all of them , by 2003 we decided to scale back retail kit supply and all over kit production to concentrate on other business comitments in the adhesive trade ( FiveStar StarLoc products ) and trade distribution, the kits were still available but in limited quantities retail only in full supply to the model trade untill 2011 our first year of retail trading at exhibitions with model kits for some time.

2005,  we decided to upgrade all the kits to laser cutting and adding some new plastic moulded parts manufactured by another company we purchased model-mold, a laser was purchased and the changeover was undertaken to change the dies, templates and plans used for old production methods to new cnc laser and plastic forming

Between 2005 and 2010 there have been a small number of kits produced as time allowed

Displayed at the Nuremburg trade only toy fair between 2005 and 2009 we realised we needed more production capacity.....,this is now achieved...... many kits are now finished in new cnc format and ready to go on sale in 2011, along with many new models to be released soon, many newer kits before all the older ones.... 

2011......many new kits and other products added during the year.
2012......We have started construction of our new purpose built factory in Bulgaria and all kit manufacture will now be from Bulgaria

2016......Still in Bulgaria.....address, and photos to follow of our new production site.
2017 , Web shop open again

We manufacture quality model kits using the following processes

Laser cutting, Injection moulding, vacuum forming, CNC routing, die cutting, rotational moulding, CNC foam cutting ( we were one of the first companies in the UK to purchase a StepFour CNC wing cutter and router back in the early 1990`s) 

 As well as the kit production processes we also have tissue paper manufacturing mill for StarSpan tissue, and a wide range of adhesives and paint formulation, manufacture and packaging equipment, we even manufacture our own boxes, bottles, caps, labels ( flexographic, hot foil and digital print )

Founded in 1988 we rapidly became the UKs largest kit manufacturer, over the years our kits have been displayed many times at major exhibitions accross Europe, Nurnburg trade fair, Leipzig trade show, Berlin Model show, Paris model show, Sandown model show, Olympia model show, Alexander palace model show, Nuremburg toy fair, Dortmund model show and many more

More information and photos of some of our facilities, see our main site about our adhesives and manufacture processes on our adhesives pages.

Expect new kits very soon!