FMK Models
UK mailing and legal address only no stock or FMK contacts are at this address ( it is rented out but still owned by us ) we have used since 1988, mail is diverted to us at the factory in Bulgaria by someone at this address or scanned and emailed to us for letters.

FMK Models
51 Arundel Avenue , Liverpool , Merseyside, L17 3BY . United Kingdom

Telephone....We use UK mobile phones so phoning us is just like phoning the UK no codes required and, no additional charges for us being in Bulgaria you only pay the normal rate for the network, if your calls are normally free they still will be.
Telephone hours will be increased in January 2018 but at present ( December 2017) they are ONLY 11.00am to 2.00pm UK time ( 13,00 to 16.00 Bulgaria time )


To return items if required this address should not be used unless necessary to prevent delays, contact us for our London shipping address for returns, but this will be included with every order as the return address.

UK address in London ( our freight shipping address ) for returns will be provided by email message if required

UK VAT Registration number:  GB 636500946

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