Over the years we have had many reviews in the major modelling magazines , Many kits now are all laser cut with redrawn cad plans some do use original plans but accuracy has been checked and found to be perfect they are `remastered plans!` ( due to age of masters ) , however flying characteristics  are the same ( apart from the now supreme quality of part fit and lighter weight of model.

( if you know of a review we have missed, or the dates of any reviews i have missing, can you email us with the details! , i know we have many more than listed below!, )

I also know of some strange products marketed by `The Miniature Aircraft Factory` in the early 1990s....Obviously no longer sold!, 1) .Left and right handed sandpaper ( it always struck me you could turn it over to be the other...., it must have been a joke!  and 2)  Was a piece of plywood with holes cut in it, as a model lightening template ( to use to cut the holes in your model with! )

Dates and details of reviews of our companies products , not a complete list ( under construction )